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Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada:
Geology and Natural Heritage of the Long Valley Caldera
Indiana University Geological Sciences G188
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Samples of student comments on past sessions of the Sierra Field Course

  • "This is my favorite class I have even taken. It was a wonderful trip; not only did we learn a lot but made friendships! thank you to the teachers for all of their hard work and patience!"

  • "This was the best and most stimulating class I have ever taken, not to mention the best professor/AI team I have ever had. Absolutely just an amazing class."

  • "... to learn about geology, not from a textbook, but from the actual setting, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience!"

  • "I enjoyed it all immensely. Teachers are great!"

  • "Thanks so much for an incredible, challenging experience... I work best when my mind and body are both stimulated...so what better way than to hike and talk about xenoliths!!! THANKYOU!!!"

  • "It was an excellent trip I thought after all was said and done. I learned some geology and made some new friends."

  • "The trip was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!"

  • "This was the greatest course I've ever taken. It was an intensive learning period as well as being a loving environment with peers and instructors."

  • "DEFINITELY offer this class again next summer. If I could, I would go again."

  • "I've learned that I can accomplish things that two weeks ago, I would've just said, 'I can't!'"

  • "Wonderful experience!"

  • "This was an amazing class because it helped to incorporate theory discussed in class through a hands-on approach. I would definitely recommend this class to any student interested in volcanism or earthquakes or mountain formation. It lets students experience the beauty of the Western US as well as understand the basis by which it was created."

  • "I thought the class was awesome, the strengths were definetly the Professors, if it weren't for them it might not have been such a great experience."

  • "I came away from the class with an understanding that scientific knowlege is like detective work, based on careful observation and measurement, not merely by reading a textbook"

  • "Great interaction between teachers and students--it was like one big family--very comfortable learning environment."

  • "The field work was incredible. Seeing what you are learning up close and personally was a fantastic experience."

  • "Both instructors were great at interacting with the students. Very good one-on-one and with using surrounding to explain processes."

  • "All 3 teachers were incredible. They were very helpful in explaining the material in a fashion that was easy to understand. It was great being in california asd seeing the volcanic structures first hand, but it was also a lot of fun."

  • "The two greatest strengths of the class were definitely the location and the professors. Michael, John, and Brandy were awesome. They were so excited about what we were doing, and that made it so much easier for the rest of the class to get excited too."

  • "The class was incredible. Of course, I loved the first hand experience and being able to explore the physical geology. Having time to hike and discover was amazing. Also, the atmosphere of the group, both teachers and students, was wonderful. The teachers were great, and I felt like we were all friends by the end."

  • "Wonderful, willing teachers, great learning opportunity, teachers are passionate about what they are teaching"

  • "When looking back on the [class] all I can do is smile. This class has been absolutely amazing in a number of different ways-education, experience, and friendship."

  • "has been the best experience I have had at Indiana University. It has stretched my understanding of the world in numerous ways that it is hard to express exactly into words everything"

  • "This trip to Long Valley changed the way I understand and appreciate the incredible dynamic world around me. Not only am I inspired to take more geology field trips but I am going to be on the lookout for buttes, faults, fissures...etc. wherever I go!"

  • "Two things [I took away from this class:] scientific understanding and faith in people. This was an introductory geology course, and I feel that there is no possible way I could have a better or broader understanding of the basic concepts of geology after taking an introductory class. Also, every person who went on the trip, including the instructors, was incredible. We all got along, we all helped each other, and we all had an amazing time. I was sure that out of 17 people, at least a few of them would be difficult to get along with or would cause problems within the group. However, that didn't happen, and I was very pleased, but surprised."

  • "I feel like the trip was wonderful on three levels. First, their was the educational value to the trip. On a group level, I felt like we all bonded so well, and I hopefully will maintain my friendships with some of my classmates and teachers forever. Finally, the physical nature of the trip and the amazing beauty of nature allowed me to reflect on a deeper level and explore aspects of myself that I don't often utilize."

  • "Hamburger is an absolutely superb teacher, combining elements of a fatherly figure, a friend and a professor. He identifies with students and takes time to get to know them, both personally and academically. Rupp is an excellent teacher because he takes time to talk to each student individually about how they interpret concepts and what they're having trouble with. He is also incredibly personable. Together the duo is unstoppable and made the trip enjoyable as well as very intensively packed, academically."

  • "The field portion of the class was probably the most intensely taught class I've ever taken. It was basically 12 hours/day of geology following a hands-on approach. It was an incredible opportunity to soak in concepts first hand."

  • "Professor Hamburger is an incredible instructor, especially in the field. He stimulates thought processes and demonstrates knowledge that is easily comunicated and relavant to the topic. He is avaliable for assistance when needed and demonstrates and equally rooted interest in his students as the material. This class is an excelent way to truly gain understanding for geology. Pictures in a textbook can not compare to seeing incredible land formations first hand. I feel as though I have learned more in two weeks than in any other science class I have ever taken."

  • "Professor Hamburger is an amazing instructor and the class was equally as amazing. I don't think another instructor could teach it better."

  • "Obviously, the trip to California was pretty awesome. And Hamburger is just fantastic! Incredibly enthusiastic, and always excited about what we were doing -- which made it a lot of fun for the students."

  • "This class was atypical in that you were on the field learning hands on. I loved it!"

  • "Woo dang! What does one say about a course as bizarre and amazing as this? I cant even remember what all we did, let alone how I felt about everything. Really, the only thing is a pervasive sense of euphoria. The atmosphere, the people, the backdrop that turned out to be more of an intimate acquaintance then scenery. Everything was awesome."